CORP Family Center / CORP Recovery
1905 South Jackson St. #A Seattle, WA 98144

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CORP is a Washington State DSHS licensed counseling & outreach program specializing in supporting Seattle / Pacific Northwest families and individuals who are in crisis. Family crisis can happen because of marriage problems, financial problems, parent child relationship difficulties, as well drug and alcohol problems. CORP Family Center is the program where you can find answers on how to "put your family back together." CORP also works with individuals in counseling, money management, and many other outreach services.


CORP Programs

Substance Abuse Counseling:  Enroll in individual or group counseling program for substance abuse.  Our program attempts to heal addiction through support, education, and understanding rather than confrontation, threats, and compliance. We have specialized cocaine and marijuana programs.

Family Counseling: Learn the solutions to family conflict and how to heal from divorce and other family trauma. Learn effective parent-child communication.  Gain assistance in rebuilding your family into a fun and caring community.

Depression Treatment Program:  Three month group & individual counseling program focused on healing depression in individuals and families.

Marriage Counseling: Discover the five stages of marriage and which stage you and your partner are stopped at.  Learn how to communicate effectively and overcome patterns of abuse and codependence.

Adolescent Counseling:  Help your child overcome drug use, depression, and ongoing family conflict and violence.  Enroll your child in our Marijuana Recovery Program today Phone 206 323-5399.

CORP Money Management:   Many families and individuals are anxious, confused, and in conflict because they have lost control of their finances.  CORP Money Management is a program that helps individuals and families regain control of their spending and pay off past debts and bills. Families learn how to live on a budget, stop emotionally based spending, and how to find financial stability in financially difficult times.  Our program can take over your money management and then gradually teach you how to regain control over your spending.  Or we can offer a support system that will guide you into effective money management.